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A brief summary on the Male Body in Western Society

(Photo courtesy of Jezebel)

Men’s bodies are lumpy and dumpy and bland
Compared to the ladies’ which are ever so grand
They say we should keep ourselves well under wraps
Sequestered away under jackets and caps

At black tie events you can clearly see
The dress code for men’s pretty hijab-y
They say that men’s bodies are awkward and plain
Compared to the ladies’ which aren’t such a pain

Believe it or not tis sheer lunacy
A lie spun up by the patriarchy
Yes women have curves and soft supple arms
But men have got muscles and nice hardened bums
Yes women have breasts, and apple-shaped butts
But men have got pecs, and rotund, hard guts

Some women will even go on to say
That men should not put their chests on display
Apparently heavage makes them go “ew”
And cause them to gag and obtain the damned flu

To which I reply tis but sheer hypocrisy
Parallel to Fundamentalist Muslim society
In which men get to dress to their heart’s desire
But women must cover or come under fire

If a man’s bare flesh makes you truly go “ew”
Then there are two possible ways to describe you
Either your libido’s down in the dumps
Or you’re so deep in the closet, you’ve got laundry and pumps!


About Christopher the Reformer

I'm just a non-conformist trying to survive in a conformist culture; I am a strong believer in individuality. I believe everyone regardless of their faith, sexuality, race or creed should have the right to express themselves so long as it doesn't undermine the rights of others. Hm, what else? Well my favorite food is stewed pork belly, and if you don't like it then there must be something wrong with you. HAH! I love physical culture, and when I say physical culture I don't mean six packs,modern bodybuilding, etc. I mean exercising for one's health, strength and emotional wellbeing, over frivolous, overrated skinnyboy aesthetics (just the way I roll, and if you don't like me and my way of life then you can p*ss off). Well; I hope to get into politics some day but until then... LONG LIVE CHAIRMAN CHRIS!

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